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Nash!Com Image Gallery

What it does

This application is a small image gallery that can be used to store and display images from digital cameras.
Images are automatically imported into image resources and an additional document holding references to those resources are created that enable you to display thumbnail images in the view!!!

By using an external program (Image Alchemy) it does also convert JPEG and GIF images to smaller dimensions to keep the database small. In addition directory names will be converted into a category name to help you categorizing your images.

In addition to the nice Notes presentation of the pictures you can also use it on the web.
I am not a web developer so I just have a very simple view and form for displaying images.
Any feedback concerning web design of the database is welcome!


You have to ensure image names are unique. Most cameras provide this option.
If not you could use copy *.jpg whatever_*.jpg to make them unique before importing.

There is currently no feature to update or delete images resources after the document has been deleted.

The demo version of Image Alchemy does only support 640x480 images size.
You should contact for a full license if you need support for larger images.

Some details

The API program reads JPEG images files from c:\nshres and subdirectories and creates

  • Image resources for each image found in the directory (based on CD-Records --> ODS Structures)
  • A document containing a richtext field ( ImageResource ) that uses this image resource.
    This richtext field has the summary item value set and can be used in a view to display the image!
  • Additionally the document contains two fields (ImageResourceBody, ImageResourceBodyFullSize) that can be used to display the image in a body field. The image will remain actual dimensions which are read from the file image.However you have the option to reduce the size of the image when importing them by setting the maximum x or y-dimension in the profile document of the database.

By default the size of the image will be reduced to 500 pixel. You can change these settings in the database profile.
You can also specify a size for a smaller scaled image for display (profile document) and decide if you want to show the larger or smaller image by default.

Some extra information like Image width, height, name and size are also imported (check views and form).

Subdirectory names are used as categories ;-) for the view. This enables you to categorize your images in a very easy way.

If you have suggestion or questions concering Nash!Com Image Gallery please let us know.

Download the Image Gallery here