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Nash!Com Special Database Fixup Solutions

We identified some very special problems and built a frameset of tools to provide highly secure fast and rock solid database maintenance and fixup solutions based on your very special needs. We have some internal solutions that run out of the box fixing some special database problems. See the examples on this page for details.

In addition we can provide customized solutions for problems like this by adapting some of our internal assets. Based in depth understanding of Lotus API programming we have the possibility to do rapid development based on our existing assets and solutions.

Feel free to contact Nash!Com in case you need a very special solution in the database fixup area.

Example 1: "No Name Item Problem"

The "NoName Item problem" is caused by an item that has an empty name and can crash Servers and Clients.
Due to the fact that there is no current official solution we built an API program checking each single document for a NoName item and removes it when necessary.

Example 2: "Rename User Names or Groups"

Another example is the rename of Notes names across large number databases and documents. This might be helpful in case you run into problems due to migrating your domain infrastructure.

Example 3: "Single Copy Object Store Troubleshooting"

Lotus Single Copy Object Store (SCOS) can get corrupted and mailfiles cannot be removed from object store because some documents are inconsistent. Even unlinking or re-linking mailfiles does not help. In case you have broken messages in your mailfile it might get you into trouble concerning local client mailfile replication. Notes replicator stops if the same "low level error" (API error) occurs twice replicating a database. In this case you are unable to replicate a database if more than one document in the SCOS cannot be opened. We enable you to securely remove "broken" documents.

Example 4: "Convert Private to Public folders in mail files"

In Notes R4 folders where stored as Private folders in mail files. There are a number of known issues like replication problems with Private design-elements for example in cluster environments. There is not easy way to convert a Private folder into a Public folder. Therefore we decided to write a C-API based solution for fast and easy conversion of folders especially in mail databases.