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Nash!Com Extend Mail Log

Notes Replication Log is very detailed and can help to analyse network bandwidth used by Notes for replication. Domino R5 comes with message tracking but it still does not provide a detailed way logging messages for analysing trends and information flow in your organisation. We identified Lotus Messaging as one of the key aspect of collaborative services. In combination with linking information between databases it is a powerful way to distribute information.

In some cases it makes sense to analyse mail traffic to determine network bandwidth used by Notes. But in most cases it makes even more sense to analyse the message flow in your organisation.

Nash!Com Extended Mail Log is based on Lotus Extension Manager API technology and hooks into the mail routing process to collect detailed information about messages like size, attachment names and size, sender, recipients and priority.

This information is logged and categorized for example by sending and receiving server. It comes with a number of predefined views that help to analyse messages by size, sender, recipients attachment extensions.

Based on this solution we are providing consulting to help optimizing the information flow within your organisation and reducing network costs. For example by creating database to store information in central locations and to send linked messages instead of the whole documents. This will also help to avoid redundant data and to keep your information up to date and is one of the key aspects of knowledge management.

If you need to find out about information flow within your organisation or even between your organisation and customers or partners you should contact Nash!Com for more detailed information.