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Domino 6 for Linux on M$ Xbox

There is an interesting project about installing Linux on a Microsoft Xbox. The homepage of this project is We installed Linux on a Xbox as described on the project homepage and on top of this installed Domino 6. Of course the Xbox with 64MB RAM is not really fast but it works like a charm ...

Have fun

Daniel Cisowski and Daniel Nashed (nsh)

We got a lot of feedback running Domino on the Xbox here is one of the nicest quotes I read on a website (

I have seen alot in my life, but this was really cool. Or, as a friend said, "I thought I was a geek". Well, have you ever seen Domino run on a Microsoft Xbox? Neither have I, but let me show you the prooves in pictures! There has been a Xbox Linux project going on for some time, and this opens for the best platform around, -

After we implemented the first Xbox running Domino I got a request from one of my customers. They wanted to cluster the Xbox with their new Domino 6 AIX Regatta Server and now the Xbox stands next to a AIX RS/6000 Regatta server directly beside the S/390 in their data center ...

Domino 6 on Microsoft Xbox clustered with Domino 6 on AIX/Regatta

First Public Server running Domino on Xbox in the Internet :-)

If you are accessing this webpage via you are surfing on a Xbox in my home office next to a Solaris 8 box and a AIX 5L machine ;-)

Microsoft Xbox Start-Screen on Linux

Microsoft Xbox Welcome on Linux ...

Xbox Domino 6 for Linux :-)

Xbox on Linux Environment